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A solution that helps companies structure their pricing area, a key step in the digital transformation process within the pricing process.

Value Pricing Solution:
accelerate your pricing strategy

We help companies structure their pricing area to accelerate the digital transformation, which allows the use of more advanced pricing strategies.

Why to adopt the value-pricing strategy

Value-pricing is the pricing strategy that approximates the price of a product or service to the value that consumers attribute to that product or service. It is a more sophisticated method when compared to other pricing strategies – such as cost-plus and comparative-pricing – and presents better results for the company.

Accelerate digital transformation with value-pricing technology solution

Teros has developed a pioneering value-pricing solution that captures consumers' willingness to buy a product or service through market data that actually reflects their choices, incorporating this driver into the pricing positioning strategy. The methodology adopts the Pricing Cycle: Evaluation (Analysis), Decision (Approval), Distribution (Sales) and Performance (Measurement). The solution is modular and operates through customized dashboards. It is possible to start with one module and expand to the next ones according to the evolution of the pricing process and the results presented for each module.

Teros' Value Pricing brings together all pricing steps in a single tool. And, due to its advanced technology, it ensures greater flexibility in pricing strategies at a much more accessible cost. In terms of results, companies have an average revenue gain of 13% in the short term with the Teros solution.

Value Pricing Solution Modules



The module introduces segmentation based on the hierarchy of consumer preference. It brings greater assertiveness to marketing and pricing strategies by quantifying the level of comparison between products.





Product Characteristic Evaluation

The module replaces – and improves on The Conjoint research methodIt evaluates the relationship between the price charged and the perceived value of your product according to the revealed preference of market consumers.


Competition Reaction Mapping

The module quantifies the impact of competitors on your sales and vice versa as a result of price changes.


New Product Preference Test

The module helps in the pricing decision for new products using the value that consumers place on their attributes.


Pricing Optimization

The module indicates which prices will bring the company the greatest result considering how competitors and consumers will react to the company's pricing policy.


Pricing Simulation

The module allows you to simulate the impacts of different pricing policies and competition scenarios on your company's results.



Dashboard for monitoring the main drivers of the pricing strategy and for quick and efficient decision-making.

Solution allows granularity and generates better results

With the solution, it is possible to simulate scenarios of competitors' reactions and market performance, with differentiation by customers, regions, channels and products.

Value Pricing Solution vs. Traditional Research Methods

Teros' Value Pricing solution analyzes real consumption situations, that is, it uses revealed preference data that serve as the basis for all stages of the construction of a pricing strategy. The solution seeks to fill the gaps left by traditional research methods, focusing on the customer's perception of value in relation to the product.

The Conjoint research method

In the Conjoint research method, a group of products is presented to consumers and they are asked to choose the one they prefer. As the situation is hypothetical, the consumer's choice does not mean that they would buy that product, as they are not in a purchase situation.

Product Characteristic Evaluation

Teros has developed a solution that uses data from surveys like Nielsen to measure the value that consumers place on a product. One of the advantages is that the results are based on real facts, that is, they use data from purchases already made.


we plug. think. play. together

We work with the client, who is always the protagonist of the project, and we plug in at their moment, immersing ourselves in their challenges.

we plug. think. play. together

We work with the client, who is always the protagonist of the project, and we plug in at their moment, immersing ourselves in their challenges.


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