Solução de Open Banking e Open Insurance
open banking

Solução SaaS que viabiliza o open banking e o open insurance, com uma infraestrutura pronta que simplifica a implantação da operação de sua instituição.

Regulatory data governance

SaaS solution that enables regulatory data governance, organizing your company's operation.

Como acontece a exposição e a troca de dados, tanto em open banking quanto em open insurance

Acompanhamos sua jornada de implantação de open banking e open insurance

Open banking da Teros é uma solução SaaS que viabiliza, de maneira completa, a implantação da infraestrutura para operar no ecossistema de open banking e open insurance. Além de prover toda a infraestrutura, a solução acompanha a regulação para ter sempre uma resposta adaptada às mudanças que ela acarreta.

About open banking

O Banco Central lançou o open banking no Brasil em fases. Em cada fase, diferentes tipos de dados são compartilhados, e novas instituições passam a participar do ecossistema, desde que estejam adequados à regulação. A regulação implica em padronização, tanto tecnológica quanto regulatória de todos os participantes, para garantir que o dado seja compartilhado de forma segura, protegendo o usuário de possíveis fraudes e vazamentos. 

Fases do open banking

Requirements of open banking regulations:

The institution needs to prepare to expose its data, that is, leave its data standardized so that other institutions can obtain it. This requires a dev portal and exposure APIs.

To obtain open banking data, the institution needs to integrate with each of the ecosystem participants. Remembering that reciprocity is a requirement in open banking. So, yes, your institution's data must be exposed so that any participants can have access to it. Also, each data service will be a different API. In other words, the horizon in terms of API volumes for open banking will be huge. Thus, an API Integration Hub plays an important role in facilitating the integration with all services as well as in managing these APIs.

The institution needs to ensure that data is shared with the consent of the user and data owner, at all times. This is valid both for those transmitting the data and those receiving the data. Your institution needs to inform users about how their data is being used, how they can control it, how it is stored and/or how the company is audited. For this, it will need a technological solution to obtain the user's consent, in addition to involving the legal, risk and compliance area, to ensure that the consent terms are adequate for each data call.

The institution needs to govern all data that will be shared in the new ecosystem, including the terms and consents obtained in each transaction. As Open Banking and General Data Law regulations are in a continuous process of adaptation and improvement, it is essential to constantly update the contracts and terms. Having a single record for your data transactions already attached to the consent and an easily accessible repository will be critical, considering the scale of data sharing.

Finally, your institution needs to promote a good journey for the user when consenting to release data, in a way that is clear and includes all mandatory information.

Infraestrutura e aplicações necessárias para a implantação de open banking e open insurance:


dev portal exposição open banking


Platform for displaying embedded APIs with the layout of the APIs for each service / information provided for in each phase of open banking regulation in each country.

  • The platform is already prepared for Brazil and Mexico.
  • The implementation process includes the project for integration with the client's legacy system to expose the data provided for each API (see open banking regulation).
  •  The implementation process includes the possibility of using the APIs layout, even if the client already has a Dev Portal / Gateway, enabling a shortcut for preparing the open banking data exposure (mandatory, as participation implies reciprocity).


open banking módulo de consentimento


The module includes a consent engine that enables the process of generating consent terms in an automated way, 100% compliant with the open banking regulation. Possibility of editing terms simply and quickly, for each type of integration and data service.

The consent engine works at the API level, that is, associated with each data call, generating a unique record and documenting the data call associated with the obtained consent. This is called native consent, and it can be formatted for transmitting and receiving data.



  • Consent to data transmission.
  • Consent to data reception.
  • Teros Compliance Standards – pre-formatted templates and recommendation of appropriate terms for each data use operation.
  • Pre-formatted Terms of Consent Library.
  • Legal module with maintenance of terms by law firm Barcellos Tucunduva. 
  • Edition of clauses, specific purposes for each data treatment, terms of custody and storage and data anonymization.



Mobile platform prepared for the open banking player, a Teros solution client, to deploy the user experience in plug-and-play format to obtain consent to receive data and transmit data.

  • Features:

    • Possibility of customizing the layout according to the client's brand design.
    • Two formats for use by the Client:
    1. App to App: Inter-application communication model that allows the integration of the open banking application to the client's existing application, through redirection. Therefore, it works as an external module integrated to the existing Teros Client App. Therefore, it works as an external module integrated to the existing Teros Client App. 
    2. Third Party Apps: Preparation as an independent application for the institution's open banking operation, therefore requiring:
    • Integration with client access authentication / user management tools;
    • App publication in Play Store and Apple Store (AppOpenBanking-ClienteTeros).


hub de integrações open banking


Integration hub for open banking APIs, as well as any other type of API, enabling the creation of new ecosystems that demand data interaction with governance and compliance with LGPD law.


  • Integrates open banking APIs
  • Integrates APIs of another nature of data flow.

  • Update of API versions.

  • Data APIs parameterization system with all LGPG and open banking requirements.


registro de logs open banking


System that records the logs of data calls and the addressing API of the holder's right.


  • Online consultation through the Teros data governance platform.
  • Stores logs and consent files.
  • Therefore, allowing for customer data custody.
  • Search Engine (by CPF / Client Name + Date of Birth, etc.) that searches the Teros System (Database, Operations Log), which generates a Report or Action according to the type of search required.
  • Necessary features according to the General Data Law:
    • Confirmation
    • Access to given consents
    • Correction
    • Anonymization
    • Editing
    • Revocation



Dashboard that presents management indicators for the complete data operation using the Teros governance system.


  • Web-based embedded with Tableau Software.
  • Management indicators for the complete data operation using the Teros governance system.
  • Possibility of creating and editing control panels. 
  • Allows interfaces with the various corporate areas that need to manage the flow of data originating from open banking or other sources.
  • Generation of biannual reports as required by Bacen.
open banking governança de dados


Allows the configuration of data services and the parameterization of data governance. Includes the purpose, treatment, query and management of responsibilities for each data service, with the application of specific terms, considering the nature of the operation relating to the type of data.


Parameter list that covers all aspects required for regulatory data management:

  • Consent Terms
  • Purposes
  • Responsibilities and Fines
  • Data Anonymization
  • Types of anonymization and time for anonymization
  • Custody in compliance with General Data Law
  • Data custody time

The Teros Open Banking Solution enables and facilitates:

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